Our Fabric Product List

Our Fabric Range is focused on Knits, we have the capability to provide griege fabric as well as dyed fabrics with special finishes. We work with a range of fibres, chemicals and GSMs. We process a range of fabric blends which extend to but are not limited to - Spandex, Polyester, Viscose, Rayon, Cotton etc. We also have expertise in dyeing various GSM's. We can also finish other specific finishes upon request or requirement.

The range of finishes we work with, but are not limited to include: Gold Finish, Bio Finish, Anti- Viral Finish, Wicking Finish, Silicone Finish, Aroma Finish, Water Repellent Finish, Anti- Bacterial Finish, Anti-Microbial Finish.

The machines are equipped with sensors to help prevent the "Bowing effect" from affecting the quality of any finishes fabrics