Our Company

Quality Control

We employ quality checks at every step, right up till dispatch.

We have a strong system in place to ensure good quality supply to our customers.

Yarn Production

Starting from raw cotton selection, we follow a system of quality checks at each stage. Samples of yarn from the production stage are checked throughly. If requested, we also provide samples to customers for analysis before bulk production. Each yarn lot has a lot number to avoid mixing by the buyer.

Knitting Yarns

The knitting yarns undergo knitting and dyeing trial, in case of a cotton lot change, for fabric appearance and shade variation. Each yarn lot has a lot number to avoid mixing by the buyer.


Before the yarn leaves the factory, 20 cartons are selected randomly. These are tested for Yarn Parameters and UV Light Checking by a separate inspection team.


Taking care of the environment is vital to the future of our planet.

We believe in acting responsibly in our decisions, from our daily activities to our supply chain.

Our company is promoting Organic Cotton, which is grown in an environmentally friendly manner without the use of fertilisers and chemicals. Furthermore, our product itself, Cotton, is biodegradable and good for the environment.

Global Organic Textile Standard

Better Cotton Initiative


Organic 100 Content Standard